Charli XCX | ‘I’m getting hotter’: Charli XCX slams stan criticism of latest single Baby

Charli XCX has responded to criticism of her latest single, ‘Baby’, by insisting she’s “getting hotter”.

The 29-year-old star went on a Twitter rant after some of her Angels claimed she is going through a “midlife crisis” with the disco tune, following its release on Tuesday (02.03.22).

She responded: “If u wanna throw around midlife crisis f****** throw it at me.

“I’m getting older, I’m getting hotter, my t**s are stunning, I’m in great shape, I’m dancing, I’m progressing and I’m living my best life – and that the tea.”

The ‘Boom Clap’ hitmaker insists she’s never minded that her fanbase have favourite “eras” of her career, but she finds it “very suspicious” that some are not into ‘Baby’.

She wrote: “Again – not bothered that some people will always have their preferred eras etc (that’s why it’s fun being an angel – there’s so much variety) – but if you don’t think baby is a bop then… idk that’s just v suspicious to me… (sic)”

The British star also addressed claims she was “forced to dance” in the music video.

She wrote: “Also – to answer other interesting theories below – no i’m not being forced to dance – totally my choice and one of the most liberating and fun decisions I’ve ever made. (sic)”

Charli has described her upcoming record, ‘CRASH’, as “hyper-sexualised” and explained how she wanted to “challenge” herself with the dancing in the promo.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, she said: “It’s probably the most sexy song I’ve ever made. It’s about sex and sexuality and having good sex and just feeling yourself essentially. I know that that’s the tone. I knew that that was the tone I wanted to carry across for the entire record. This kind of hyper-sexualised, feminine power zone was where I was feeling myself going, and ‘Baby’ was the genesis of this.

“Also I think that’s probably why I wanted to challenge myself on the choreo for this song, which was really, really tough and I have so much respect for dancers, professional dancers, anyone who communicates emotion through dance. It is so hard and challenging, but so rewarding.”

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