Juno Temple | Juno Temple fulfills fashion dream at SAG Awards

Juno Temple felt like “Cinderella” at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

The ‘Ted Lasso’ actress admitted she had “fantasised” about wearing a Versace chain mail gown since she was a teenager so she was elated to walk the silver carpet at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar in her dream dress on Sunday (27.02.22).

She told E! News: “This is a Versace chain mail dress. I am a fashion junkie, I wanted to go to fashion school and Versace chain mail is something I’ve fantasised since I was probably 14 years old and now I’m wearing one.

“I feel I’m Cinderella, it’s the most extraordinary piece of clothing I’ve ever worn in my entire life.”

Juno – who was nominated for the Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series award but lost out to ‘Hacks’ star Jean Smart – wore her locks in a tousled fishtail braid with minimal hair jewellery and her glam team loved her finished look.

Hair stylist Mara Roszak told Vanity Fair: “It’s not ‘less is more,’ for sure. But it’s never too much, either. It just always works.

“The dress-up part of it is really fun to do with Juno because she so appreciates fashion. Especially Versace—it feels just so her.”

The gold column dress had inspired Mara’s work on Juno’s hair and in the weeks leading up to the event, she and an assistant made a tour of various stores in Los Angeles, picking up woven gold rope and micro-thin wire from International Silks and Woolens.

Mara said: “They have a whole floor of different textures of ribbons and strings and thread.”

Meanwhile, Juno reflected on how playing Keeley Jones in ‘Ted Lasso’ has been good for her.

She said: “Keeley brought a lot of positivity to my life, especially the time I’ve been living in. She’s someone who really helped me be kinder to myself, so that’s a big thing that happened with that character, I embraced my inner Keeley by reminding myself I don’t always have to be a crazy nightmare to myself.”

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